Kathy Ireland Isn’t Pro-Choice Anymore… Listen To Her Speak About Why

Watch this video and notice how Kathy Ireland speaks clearly and honestly about why she can NO LONGER call herself “pro choice”.


It’s true for me as well.  I love “choices” and I also wish I could call myself “pro choice”.  I am a staunch supporter of women’s rights and choices and the thing that trips me up about abortion is that darned little fetus.  It is what is inbetween me and the words: Pro-choice. 

But, I’ve posed this question to pro choicers and gotten no takers thus far, if someone can show me it’s NOT a human being from it’s earliest stages, and especially around 4-8 weeks when the embryo becomes a fetus (and of course from 8 weeks on) I would LOVE to hear from you. 

Maybe the pro choicers have some important work of fetology and fetal research I just can’t get my hands on???

I’m still waiting to hear from them….. in the mean time I’m siding with Kathy Ireland.