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DISCLAIMERS:  FetalFacts.net is NOT a politically correct, “make all sides feel good” site.  This is a site and blog to spark insights and get people motivated to speak up and take action!   Again, I am not writing this to be agreeable to all sides… I am writing this blog and have a website to tell the TRUTH, as hard and as “unpolitically” correct as it may sound!  So, if you don’t like what I write, DON’T log in and read it OR log in and read it and write a response… as long as it is respectful of our views.

Now to the important stuff…  Why have a blog and website called Fetal Facts?  I’ve come up with many good reasons, here are a few of them:

The first is that I have found it is the cornerstone to a solid antiabortion message.  The proaborts DON’T want to hear about or (God for bid) see a picture of a developing fetus!  If you listen to them they will tell you it has NOTHING to do with the fetus, it’s all about “women’s rights”.  (Gasp!)  This is ludicrous and those of us against abortion need to start speaking up about the stupidity of saying that abortion (the killing of a developing human fetus) has NOTHING to do with the fetus or the fetus’s right to live!

Secondly, many pro-abortion people (or semi pro-abortion people) have a strange idea about what a fetus is (and what it looks like and how it behaves in utero).  This is getting old, really old- really fast.  If I hear another pro-choicer tell me it’s a “blob of tissue” again I will scream!!!  It isn’t.  So, Pro choicer’s out there… GET EDUCATED and DO SOME RESEARCH ON FETAL DEVELOPMENT!  I know the ultrasound wasn’t developed until the mid 1970’s (Oddly enough around the time Roe v. Wade occured) but come on, it’s been a good 30 years and it’s time to get up to date!

And lastly… The beautiful, amazing, tender, sweet fetus… it’s about time we pro lifers TOOK BACK THE WORD FETUS!   We need to re-claim the word, then the thoughts about it, then the lives the word represents.  Several thousand beautiful, amazing, tender, sweet fetuses are taken from us each day.


THE…..  Beautiful,





no more: clumps of cells or pregnancy tissue or  contents of your uterusenough lies.

So there you have it… a reason to have a blog entitiled “Fetal Facts”.

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  1. Kill babies

    • Thanks, Mike. Spoken like a TRUE pro abort!
      At least you aren’t one of those pro aborts who parrot the tired and usual script of… “It’s not a baby, it’s a clump of cells/parasite/blob of tissue”
      Tell it like it is! I like that!

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