The Lies of “Our Bodies, Our Selves”

I was looking at the popular Pro choice reference book “Our Bodies, Our Selves” by the Boston Woman’s Health Book Collective copyright 2005…  

I was alarmed to see that in Chapter 20, Reproductive Choices, on the section of Abortion there was not one word about what the women were choosing to abort.  First Trimester abortion… Nothing about the embryo or fetus.  Second Trimester abortion… again nothing about the fetus.  Just “it’s your choice“.  And of course they don’t mention Third Trimester abortion at all.   If I were a pro choice woman and found out people offered me information about a choice but they wrote an entire chapter on the “choice” but didn’t include even ONE word or image (a picture is worth a thousand words) of the “choice” I would make I would be outraged. 

Not offering any information about what abortion kills is one thing, but then on pg.399 I was even more shocked to see that they have 3 images of a 1st trimester abortion and the (cannula) suction tube showed to be inserted into an *EMPTY* amniotic sac into the woman’s uterus!   The uterus and amniotic sac inside the uterus were sized to accommodate a 11-12 week fetus… but shockingly they forgot to draw the little fetus inside the amniotic fluid!  This isn’t just a lack of information being presented… this is flat out lying. 

In the 3 images they depict the suction aspiration sucking up the amniotic fluid inside the amniotic sac… but no fetus!   That is absolutely unacceptable and pro choice women should be so ashamed that they are being so blatantly lied to.  The 11-12 week fetus at that time looks like this: .  The fact that they left the fetus out of the womb is an absolutely dirty, despicable, horrendous act.  They are lying to women, when they claim the “pro lifers” lie.

Then on page 401 they claim the abortion procedure (D&E) during the 2nd trimester abortion “allows the pregnancy tissue to pass“.  Pregnancy tissue? HAH!  Really, women of America, you have to expect MORE than that.  Is that okay with you, as a “pro choice” woman?  To be misled, lied to and dumbed down major information?  The pro choice movement leaders don’t think you can handle the truth, do they?  And you follow this movement?  Stand up and find out the truth and EXPECT the truth!  If you believe in killing fetuses who are worthless blobs of tissue, at least be honest about that and find out about that fetus. 

To the authors of this book and the pro-choice movement I would inquire this…if it’s not the big deal you claim it not to be (aborting worthless fetuses), then go ahead and give women the information they deserve to make a TRUE choice!  Women can’t make a REAL CHOICE, UNLESS THEY HAVE ALL THE FACTS.  What do you have to hide?   They say “ignorance is bliss”… but it’s also deadly.

One more note on this “book”… on the following chapter (21) Pregnancy… I could not find ONE WORD or image of the unborn baby’s growth in the womb.  The entire chapter “forgets” to mention anything about the baby, only the woman’s leg cramps and food cravings, etc.  How can you compose a chapter of a book on Pregnancy and neglect to add even one piece of information on the unborn baby?  Mind blowing, mind numbing. 

It’s no wonder to me they leave out VITAL information like this.  If they were to include information about the fetus I can’t imagine how many women would opt out of that “choice” (of course there are those women who just don’t give a damn how developed it is, it’s their parasite, their property) but (and this is an important ‘but’ because it could save many lives) there are a good number of women who KNOW it’s not their right to kill a human being who so clearly looks just like a human being, so developed- so soon.  

One things for sure, prochoicers should decide to be more knowledgeable than the author’s of “Our Bodies, Our Selves” gives them credit for.


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